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Hello friends:

We are the students of Year 4 of Castell de Santa Àgueda Primary School of Ferreries (Menorca). We send you this letter to tell you how was and how is Ferreries.
Ferreries was founded in 1303, when king James II built a church: Sant Bartomeu’s Church.
Some houses were built next to the church. Ferreries was very small, four streets, and there were 40 people living there.
The oldest streets in Ferreries are the streets near the church.
Many years ago, people worked in farms: look after animals and plants. On Sundays people who lived in farms came to pray to the church (town centre) and they also sold the food they made.
Many years ago, people were poor.
In the XVIII century Ferreries grew more. From 1960 Ferreries grew more and more.
Nowadays, in Ferreries there are some factories and a very important tourist resort: Cala Galdana.

We hope you have enjoyed.
See you soon.
Students of Year 4.



Hello friends:

We are Year 4 class. We are going to tell how is Ciutadella .
Ciutadella has got a big municipal area. It was the former capital in Menorca, and many years ago it was surrounded by walls. In the old part of the town we can see buildings that they remind us the history of a small town: the cathedral (XIV), small palaces, narrow streets…
In Es Born Square there is a statue. In 1558 people who lived in Ciutadella defended their religion from the Turks. Many people from Menorca died and other people went to Turkey.
The Town Hall in Ciutadella is set at the top of a cliff next to the port of Ciutadella. In this port you can see fishermen boats, and in summer boats for tourists.
The city has become bigger: building new houses…
People work in tourism, agriculture (farms), shoe factories, jewellery factories and services.
Ciutadella is very proud of its fiestas, in June: Saint John.
In Ciutadella there are two museums: a municipal museum (Bastió de Sa Font) and the church museum, at the seminar.
The bishop of Menorca lives in Ciutadella.

See you soon, we hope you like this letter.
Students of Year 4

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